Dropping the Anchors

Have you ever noticed that some of the worst decisions you’ve ever made felt like destiny while you were making them? It seems we are destined to feel optimistic about terrible decisions until we realize, wow, that was a terrible decision! I relate these decisions to anchors, and anchors can come in many different forms. 

Sometimes an anchor is simply a negative influence in your life holding you back from what it is you want to become. It can be debt that keeps you from making the financial moves you know your business and personal life need. 

So, what do you do when you identify these anchors in your life? You’ve heard the phrase “drop anchor” before. This references a desire to stay put, to not make any forward progress. The opposite is my goal, which is to let go of it! 

No matter what the situation, or what your specific anchor is, the first step is identifying it as an anchor. After that, the choice is simple: LET IT GO and move onward and forward! I liken anchors to leeches, and you wouldn’t let a leech sit on your arm all day sucking the life out of you, while you continue about your work. Do the same with anchors. If it is stealing from your success, joy, creativity, or passion, get rid of it!

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